Entity Software Solutions

Software consultancy

Entity Software Solutions is a software development company based in the west of Cheshire that specialises in building bespoke web applications, Native Android apps and in providing consultancy advice to organisations.

The mission statement is simple, do better development. As developers we want to see everyone benefiting from what technology has to offer us.

Software development

Bespoke .Net Software Development
C# Development in WinForms, WPF, WWF, ASP.NET
Support of existing .NET applications.
Porting legacy applications to the .NET platform.
Linking 3rd party application via .NET middleware.
Web-based solutions and E-Commerce.
Android Mobile and Tablets development.
Development using .NET Compact Framework.

Software consultancy

Have a project already underway or simply want a friendly peer review? Or perhaps you need to a solution to a problem you feel can be and should be better?

Consider a trip down consultancy lane and add another perspective to your project.

Managed services

If you want more than just software development or you want a hassle free solution then perhaps a managed service will suit, we can provide the end to end solution including hosting, maintenance and support leaving you (or your clients) with a single point of contact.

You've made it this far

Software development isn't complicated, it simply needs the right ingredients and strong support. If its non-functional such as source control, approaches and methodologies or even the technology stack it can be easily planned out with limited impact on your functional requirements...the end game is always delivering functional requirements and the best way to achieve that is through consistent and reliable development techniques and skills.

How we do it

Source control

The heart of any development, it not only keeps your important work safe it provides a way to manage multiple elements of the same work. This coupled with automated build systems increases productivity, visibility and confidence and can be implemented within hours.

Automated builds

JetBrains say it so simply "Perform better" and thats exactly what continuous integration does and can take less time than source control to start adding value!


Its not just a bling word for dev ops and contractors, it really does mean something. Whether thats better communication, closer peer relationships or just 15 minutes where people are disconnected from work and see the bigger picture. At the end of the day there are no rules so start small and see where it takes you.


Some use postfix notes, some use whiteboards and whilst many options exists they all have one goal to simplfy your work process. It can provide visibilty and promote incremental changes which compliment continuous integration.


We won't try and define the cloud, the services AWS and Azure provide are truly incredible and can support simple setups through to complex setups previously restricted to large enterprises. They truly allow smaller businesses to challenge the bigger ones.

Sql Server

With the age of NoSql solutions being implemented its easy to forget that RDMS has a strong use case in modern applications, so maybe you'll use Firebase for your mobile app but when it comes to more traditional tabular data for your hosted web app Mircosoft SQL server can still be king.

Want to see how much it will cost?

We're not about secrets, we're just software developers so no fancy cost calculator or contact us for a free quote, just straight forward options.

1 consultancy day

£200 / Day

  • End to End headline goals
  • Technology options
  • Resource planning

1 development day

£200 / day

  • Technical problem solving
  • Support development
  • Peer reviews

Additional days

£150 / Day

  • Extra time for more complex requirements
  • Cheaper ongoing costs
  • No contract!

Website offer


  • Profressional looking site
  • Free hosting for one month
  • Terms and Conditions apply

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